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Your Own Image

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How many pixels should my own image have for print suitability?

The minimum pixel value, which is recommended in wall size, is 3000×3000.

If your current image is below 3000×3000 pixels, you can contact our graphics team in the communication section and confirm the suitability of the image.

The suitability of the image you upload for printing is checked by our prepress graphics team.

What does my own visual cost me extra?

There are no additional costs.

* The size of the image I want to send exceeds the upload limit. How can I convey my image differently? See also you can send it by adding our Email Address.

You must specify first name, last name, and visual dimensions in the Note section of your post.

* Can the resolution of the image I transmit be magnified?

Visual quality can be enhanced if there are no defects in the original. Otherwise, defects in the original visual will also exist during magnification.

Can I perform a graphic operation according to my request on my image?

Necessary changes are made to the extent that your image allows.

* Are there licensing issues related to the image I installed?

We do not control or accept responsibility for the intellectual and licensing issues of the image you upload. You agree in advance to all conditions and criminal proceedings that may occur under the license, which may arise under the intellectual and Sinai Property Law of the TC.

What format should the images I upload be in?

The images you upload can be in JPEG / TIFF / PNG / EPS / AI / PSD / PSB / PDF formats.